Orange is the new Green

Honesty. Integrity. Fairness. Respect.

This is our mantra! We live and breathe these 4 words. It’s a way of life for us at Calgary Metal to deal honestly and with integrity with both our customers and our employees.


  • Mar 03


    Tweet from @borowide (Boro-Wide Recycling)

    "Did you know Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour? Keep all plastic off the beach by recycling! 

    We may specialize in metal but recycling has a huge environmental impact across all applications. Reduce, reuse, recycle!!


  • Dec 10

    The second life of metal: What was once considered waste becomes a resource?


    Möbius ribbon, the symbol of recycling, can be found everywhere. It shows that a product is made of recycled materials. For metal recyclers this logo means bringing scrap metal back to a state of raw material and giving it a second life.

    The benefit of metal recycling is that metal can be…


  • Aug 17

    New Non Ferrous Location


    Effective August 17, 2020: Our Non Ferrous (copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, insulated wire and more) operations are now into full swing at  2828 Bonnybrook Road.

    The space is larger, the process is quicker and easier, and we have lots of space to grow. We look forward to seeing…


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